Reconstruction and renovation of buildings Reconstruction and renovation of buildings

Features of renovation and overhaul

The renovation process begins from performing of full-scale construction and technical expertise which allows to estimate objectively the building’s condition, volume and circumstances of works, find out problem zones and estimate risks. Taking into consideration the expertise results company’s specialists embark on development of the project and budget documentation.

Depends on objects conditions and customer’s requirements the general renovation of buildings consists of following:

  • oundation works and building a socle;
  • strengthening of bearing constructions;
  • facade and roofing;
  • superstructure of the building and constructions of extensions;
  • facing the building with modern materials;
  • insulation and waterproofing of the building;
  • restructure of internal premises;
  • renovation and modernization of engineering communications and equipment;
  • other works mentioned in contract.

Work stages

As a result of provided technical-engineering expertise is an estimation of front work on the renovation of the building, a detailed plan of construction activities, as well as compiling a complete list of necessary materials, tools and equipment.

In process of project realization, we use the most modern materials possessing water-repellent, frost-proof and fire-prevention characteristics. Thanks to that operational characteristics of renovating building are much higher.

After the development of design estimates for all phases of reconstruction, it is necessary to agree on the project. Thanks to well-developed organizational procedures, the process of agreeing with all stakeholders takes a minimal amount of time.

During the dismantling and installation, we replace all the elements:

  • columns;
  • walls;
  • overlapping, which can carry a potential hazard.

Our specialists further process and strengthen safe areas. Particular attention during the reconstruction is given to utilities: heating and air conditioning systems; water supply and sewerage systems. After all, they often determine the level of comfort of the building. Each stage of work is carried out under the strict control of our specialists and is thoroughly checked before finishing of the project.

Our advantages

  • complex approach to the solution of the task;
  • we know how to operate with the checking bodies;
  • Huge experience of performing renovation and construction works including renovation of banks, office centers and administrative buildings, architectural monuments;
  • performing works on a turn-key and focusing on the final result;
  • construction control over the progress and quality of construction and installation works;
  • use of innovative technologies;
  • Individual approach to the solution of each concrete task.

We offer to our customers a range of services for general renovation and building reconstruction according to legislation demands.

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