Performing functions of technical customer Performing functions of technical customer

Our company performs technical customer functions, which include following:

  • Conclusion of agreements on engineering surveys, preparation of project documentation, construction, reconstruction, overhauling of facilities and preparation of tasks for their implementation;
  • Creation of a geodetic center for construction, breakdown of the axes of the routes of buildings and structures during construction;
  • Monitoring of buildings and construction while constructing
  • Issuance of initial data for the development of design estimates, the placement of an order for the development of all necessary documentation for the construction of the facility, its approval in accordance with the established procedure, the search for contractors, the conclusion of contracts for the development of documentation and the implementation of the whole complex of construction, installation and commissioning works, and materials;
  • Approval of project documentation and signing of documents required to obtain a permit to commission the facility;
  • Perform all necessary works for the preparation of the construction site, oversee compliance with rules and regulations in the manufacture of construction and installation works, acceptance of completed works and preparation of the facility for transfer to operation;
  • Acceptance, recording, proper storage of equipment, products and materials in warehouses, their transfer to the installation;
  • Ensuring rational and economical expenditure of funds allocated for construction, timely payment for materials, equipment, work performed, etc., taking measures to reduce construction time;
  • Quality control of the production of works in accordance with the requirements of regulatory and technical documentation;
  • Verification of the availability of documents certifying the quality of materials and products used in the course of production (technical passports, certificates, etc.);
  • Control of timely elimination of deficiencies and defects detected during acceptance of works;
  • Determination of compliance of used technologies with the norms established in the Russian Federation;
  • Verification of the completed scope of works and their cost at the facilities by signing the acts of work performed and information on the cost of work performed and costs;
  • Control and timely measures to eliminate identified defects in design estimates, including unreasonably increasing the estimated cost, making appropriate adjustments to the project documentation;
  • Fixing the results of technical supervision over the production of works in the work log or drafting of acts in which it should be indicated: which deviations, defects and violations of the technical conditions during the production were found and for whose fault they occurred;
  • Drawing up specific requirements aimed at eliminating identified defects, deviations from the project and violations of technical conditions, specifying the deadlines for their elimination;
  • Completion of the completed construction project.
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