General construction General construction

CMC Development performs full complex of general constructions works. This direction is one of the most difficult. It is a complex of measures for erection of industrial, residential, commercial constructions and buildings including a full cycle of construction work beginning from design and ending with external finishing and engineering communications.

General construction is a comprehensive complex of services, which are provided by our companies in blanks of erection of accommodation, business and social objects, plants etc.

We offer following services in blanks of general construction:

  • design;
  • pioneering;
  • land works;
  • foundation;
  • construction works;
  • assembly of structures, elements and components;
  • the device of communication and engineering systems;
  • finishing works.

Advantages of cooperation with us

If the general construction of XX century used to be provided by own powers, now its unique popularity had the contract method. Because of the difficult technological process of building erection implies cooperation between various organization which are specialized on different aspects:

  • construction works;
  • equipment lease;
  • project works;
  • supply of materials.

The key advantage of contract work in case of general construction is organizer’s right to deligate partially work to specialists of CMC Development. So it allows to use time and financial resources more effective.

Wide opportunities and affordable cost

Our company performs full complex of works on erection social, residential or industrial buildings. Wherein we are ready to fulfill the general contactor’s role, while taking not only project, construction or budget functions but and organization of  third parties executors.

Our professional team can provide general constructions of objects of any complexity and scale, achieving high reliability and quality.


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