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We offer you full range of services for construction and design, track and implement the most modern technologies in blanks of construction and design.

Design of building and constructions is an important stage of construction process, and right on that depends the final result. Nowadays rather often Investor/Customer face with such design problems as:

  • Failure of terms.
  • Performing construction and installation works without project documentation.
  • Poorly executed project documentation.
  • Economically ineffective developed and adopted project decision.
  • Budget mistakes.
  • Absence of summary statements on engineering networks.

All these lead to additional expenses of investor/customer and extend project realization terms. While we taking both role of designer and contractor, can simultaneously short project budget and realization terms.

Stages of project documentation development

At each stage of work on the project, its valuation is made to allow for the adjustment of the cost of implementation and to adopt the most effective design solution.

Architectural and construction design of buildings, structures and other construction objects begins with engineering and survey works. Such works are necessary, first of all, on new land plots where exploration of soil, soil and groundwater has never been carried out.

The list of survey works is discussed with each customer individually, but we recommend conducting complex works that will help to make a forecast of changes in the land plot in the future. As a result, the customer will receive a list of detailed recommendations. And even after carrying out engineering and survey works, it will be possible without any special financial and technical risks to proceed to the stage of designing a building or structures.

The composition of the project documentation is determined by the Town Planning Code of the Russian Federation and the Resolution of the Government of the Russian Federation of 16.02.2008 No. 87-FZ "On the composition of sections of project documentation and requirements for their content."

The project documentation developed by our specialists will fully comply with all norms, rules and standards. We can perform the design in one or two stages. The number of stages of design entirely depends on the complexity of the object and the wishes of the customer.


Our company is engaged in the construction of residential, commercial and office buildings "on a turn-key basis", and also performs construction, finishing and engineering work. For the performance of construction and installation work, all necessary approvals are available.

We offer YOU:
  • Construction of shopping centers, shopping and entertainment complexes.
  • Construction of industrial buildings, warehouses, other buildings and structures.
  • Laying of communications, engineering networks, drainage systems.
  • Geodetic work and quality control.
  • The device and repair of foundations, underground structures, erection of monolithic skeletons of reinforced concrete.
  • Mounting of metal structures of any complexity.
  • Creation of facades from modern materials.
  • Roof works with the use of a membrane type roof.
  • Finishing work, interior design.
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