Accomplishment Accomplishment

Company CMS Development performs full cycle of works on accomplishment of town territories and enterprise territories. We approach individually to each task and have a big experience of work in the accomplishment sphere. The yard of a residential building or the territory of an industrial enterprise, a refueling complex or pavements of busy streets - their condition is of great importance for those who face these territories day in and day out.
We offer full complex of services on landscape works and accomplishment.

Basic works which are provided by company CMS Development while accomplishing:

  • Road works: asphalting, paving with paving slabs;
  • Excavation;
  • Design and realization of landscape projects;
  • Site planning;
  • Landscaping;
  • Lawn device;
  • Planting shrubs and trees;
  • Creation of artificial ponds;
  • Equipment of child and sport sites;
  • Installation of benches;
  • Installation of fences;
  • metal decoction;
  • Installation of architectural forms;
  • Lighting of territories, lighting design;
  • Cleaning of the territory, removal of construction and household garbage.
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