Russia and Cuba are united by friendship and mutual support.


Russia and Cuba are united by friendship and mutual support. This statement was made by Russian President Vladimir Putin during an official meeting with Cuban State Council Chairman and Council of Ministers Miguel Diaz-Kanel Bermudez. This was the first official visit of the Cuban leader to Russia after taking office as head of state. The leaders of the countries signed a joint statement confirming the strategic and allied nature of relations between Russia and Cuba. As is known, Cuba is a long-time friend and reliable partner of Russia in the Latin American region.

Rosneft conducts exploration on the Cuban shelf. Gazprom is developing a construction project for thermal power plants. Cuba buys new locomotives from us, and Russian Railways participates in the construction of railways, thanks to which, according to experts, the passenger traffic is expected to increase threefold, and cargo traffic doubled. It is about to modernize the Jose Marti Metallurgical Plant. The island has already established joint production of unparalleled drugs in the world, and Russian energy companies are working effectively. CMC-Development is restoring the gold covering of the dome of the National Capitol in the Cuban capital.

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