High professionalism "CMC-development" was noted by the Ministry of Defense


Высокий профессионализм СМС-девелопмент отмечен Министерством обороны

Today, the General Director of CMC-Development, Vladimir Vladimirovich Kiselyov, was thanked by the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation. The enterprise was awarded a special diploma "for high professionalism, stable high quality of work performance, strict observance of deadlines and fulfillment of all undertaken obligations".

The company "CMC-Development" implements a number of projects to create and develop the infrastructure of the military department. According to Vladimir Kiselev, it is "honorable and very responsible" to receive such a high appraisal of the work.

Congratulations, Vladimir Vladimirovich and the whole team with a well-deserved reward!


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